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Membership Request Form

This form is the first step in the application procedure for membership in the Montaukett Indian Nation
Please enter your full name
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Membership Card Online Payment

Please do not make a payment until we confirm your eligibility by email. If you are paying for multiple cards, each card has to be paid for individually.

Membership Fees

Please be aware that this on-line request form is NOT an application form. When you submit a Membership Request, we will respond with an email that includes the official Application Form. This is necessary to ensure that only legitimate applicants submit applications. Membership requests are NOT processed on an ongoing basis and therefore the Montaukett Indian Nation is not obligated to respond within any given time period.

As of February, 2015, the Application form has been revised to reflect certain changes in our registration policy. Please note that Membership Cards cannot be issued unless we receive a filled-out, signed and notarized Application Form, plus any supporting documentation as required. This applies to renewal members and new applicants.

We now provide an Update Information Form for existing members who want to update their membership information and/or request a replacement card. Current members please use the comment section of the form to request an Update Information Form and request a replacement card if desired.

Registration fees will now only be accepted via the payment button located at the bottom of this page. This is an easy and secure way to pay the registration fee and it provides an instant receipt for your payment.

The downloadable version of the Request Form has been removed since many people mistook this as an actual application form. If you want to be considered for membership, you must first submit your contact information via the online request form at the top of this page.

You may be required to submit private information along with your application. If you decide to send private information by regular mail, please enclose that information in a sealed envelope and mail it to:

Matouwac Research Center
Att: Membership Application
P.O. Box 3
Amityville, New York 11701

Algonquian and Proud