About Us

This website is the official Internet voice of the Montaukett Indian Nation – petitioner #162 before the Office of Federal Acknowledgement. The purpose of this site is to expose and celebrate the history, culture and of the Montaukett People and to act as a vehicle in our current struggle for recognition and territory reclamation. Please use the contact button (upper right side) to direct any inquiries you may have for the Montaukett indian Nation or this website.

Tribute to Founder

Robert Winterhawk DeLoney

This website is the result of an initiative conceived by Robert “Winterhawk” De Loney, an elder and Tribal Consultant of the Montaukett Indian Nation. We honor Winterhawk as a Montaukett who never forgot his roots, even when it was popular to do so. Winterhawk has never faltered in the struggle to reverse the injustice that resulted in the loss of recognition and territory over a century ago. The launching of this website and its growing popularity is a direct result of Winterhawk’s vision, a true Montaukett warrior. Aho!

Winterhawk asks all Montauketts to stay balanced and focused so we can carry on. “We must find our center, find our peace, and tap into our wisdom. We must reject our enemies, embrace our friends, scold the dividers among us and honor those uniters who strive for one tribe and one destiny.”

Algonquian and Proud